Lactation Consultant

Lactation services may be sought out independent of Doula services or in addition to any chosen Doula package*.  Lactation consultations are conducted in your home or in my office during the first 2 weeks after birth.  After 2 weeks consultations will be in my office unless otherwise requested and with additional travel fees.  During consultations you will be provided with one on one care and assessment, educational resources, troubleshooting and advice, and referral to other specialties if needed.  The initial assessment can be up to 90 minutes, additional time and follow up visits will be charged hourly.  

Initial Consultation- $50

Follow up/additional time- $25/hr

Travel Fees for in home visits after 2 weeks- $0.55/mile from my office.  

 *When selecting Doula services the Initial  Lactation Consultation will be included as part of one post-partum visit. Additional consultations will be charged according to the Follow-up rate.  

Payment is due at the time of consultation unless other arrangements have been made.  

 Birth Doula

Birth Doula services include prenatal visits; the first in my office, and 1-2 in your home, One free meet-and-greet to discuss services and questions at a neutral location within 15 miles of my office.   During prenatal visits we will discuss your ideal birth vision and wishes, options for labor support, as well as any concerns or fears you may have.  We will discuss all the options for relaxation and labor coping techniques you may desire.  I will provide educational resources about your options to help you make decisions regarding your prenatal and birth care with the team that you choose.  You will have access to my lending library of pregnancy and birth books and DVDs.  I will be on call for your birth from 38 weeks until you give birth.  I will be available to you by phone or email throughout your pregnancy and first month postpartum.  After your birth I will stay with you for 1-3 hours to help you get settled, bonding, and breastfeeding.   I will visit you in your home within the first month after your birth for postpartum visits. During this time I will check how you and baby are doing, help you navigate feeding and sleeping, assist in household chores (laundry, dishes, vacuuming, etc.), assist you in processing and discussing your birth and how you feel about it, answer questions, provide resources and referrals for your postpartum needs, and assist with breastfeeding. I will be available by phone for the first 6 weeks.  Additional visits may be available depending on the package you purchase.  Milage may apply outside a 30mile radius from my home.  If you go into labor prior to 38 weeks I will do my very best to attend.  Refunds of a portion of the fees may be given if I am at fault for missing your birth.  

Basic Doula Package- $500**

- 2 prenatal visits, on-call at 38 weeks-birth, 1 post-partum visit,  breastfeeding assistance, access to lending library 

Premium Doula Package- $650**

-3 prenatal visits, on-call at 38weeks-birth, 2 post-partum visits,  breastfeeding assistance, access to lending library, Rebozo to keep, 

Mileage- $0.55/mile per trip if more than 30 miles from my residence.  

*Payment in full due by 37weeks unless other arrangements have been agreed upon in writing.  Bartering may be acceptable in certain cases at the discretion of Blessed Roots Doula. 

**Standard Pricing. Special circumstances may change cost. If you feel you have a special circumstance, please ask.  See Doula Contract for details.  

Postpartum Doula

As your postpartum doula I will visit you in your home within 3 months after your birth during times arranged mutually.  During my visits I will be whatever you need me to be.  I will provide emotional, physical, and spiritual support.  I can do basic household chores (laundry, dishes, trash, vacuuming, dusting, sweeping), listen to your birth story and help you process your birth however you need to, provide education and assistance in caring for yourself and baby after birth, provide breastfeeding assistance, watch children so you can shower/nap, provide resources for further assistance if needed.  This service is available as a stand alone apart from birth doula or lactation services.  This includes basic breastfeeding assistance, extensive breastfeeding consults may require extra visits and fees.  

Postpartum Doula Package- $75/visit

-1 post partum visit (1-3 hours each), access to lending library, breastfeeding assistance.